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Our world is changing fast as new leaders replace old ones. America's economy is on the brink of collapse and China is the rising star. As oil becomes scarcer the nations that control it will become more powerful. Russia can now shut down countries in Europe within a few days just by closing a spigot and Venezuela is now calling the shots in South America. How many election promises will Obama be able to keep and how will he attempt to change America and the world? The MSM gives headlines but we will give insight and greater understanding.

The World Changed On Nov. 4, 2008

After the ballots were counted they showed that over 120 million Americans had either pulled a lever or mailed in their vote. Not only did Obama win but he garnered more votes than anyone else in U.S. history. 68% of new voters chose him along with 54% of Catholics and 68 of Latinos - but was it a 'liberal landslide' or a vote against radical Republicanism?

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