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England Hoping To Be Awarded The World Cup


Former Sports Minister Richard Caborn will be responsible for bringing the World Cup to England if FIFA decides that Europe will host the tournament eleven years from now. He said, “Successfully bringing the 2018 FIFA World Cup to England would create a golden decade for sport and provide a massive boost to the national economy. There will be huge economic benefits if we get the 2018 World Cup, particularly as sport is such a massive business now. You can look at the investment that will go into work around sporting facilities and other sectors that would strongly benefit would include the tourism, transport and communications sectors. The World Cup is also very different from the Olympics as it would go round England with games being played in all of the regions such as in the North West and North East. So it is fair to say that the regions would benefit economically too and not just London and the South East”.

A report quoted by the European Union estimates that sport in Europe generated more than 400 billion euros ($550bn; £271bn) in 2004 and accounted for 3.7% of the E.U. economy and provides work for fifteen million people. The German economy was given a major boost when it hosted the 2006 World Cup and thousands of fans spent money on hotels, transport, food and drink and consumer goods.

Even though FIFA has yet to determine which continent will get the 2018 World Cup Richard Caborn is attempting to make sure that the Football Association is ready to act. "I met F.A. chairman Geoff Thompson last week. We are all making sure we are in a position to move very quickly when any announcement is made.

If it comes to England then we would have a long lead-in, pretty much similar to what we had with the Olympics.

South Africa will host the 2010 World Cup and Brazil looks set to win the rights to stage the 2014 event with a final decision expected by the end of this year.

In February, Prime Minister Gordon Brown who was then Chancellor of the Exchequer said the tournament should return to "the nation which gave football to the world".