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Book Lovers Going Potty For Harry


Bookstores across the U.K. have been inundated by Harry Potter fans that are desperate to get their hands on the final instalment of the young wizard's adventures.

Readers queued up outside many shops to get their copies of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' which went on sale at midnight on Friday.

Many fans, some of them dressed as their favourite character also took part in numerous Potter-themed parties.

'Borders' bookshop which is in Glasgow said that they had already sold one half of their allocation. Hundreds attended the shop's midnight launch and the long awaited book continued to fly off the shelves throughout the day.

Assistant manager Kenny Bryan said, "There's no doubt it's the biggest launch that we've ever had. We've had lots of excited kids, teenagers and adults queuing up for their copy. Everyone is just delighted to finally get their hands on the book".

Saturday also saw the delivery of thousands of pre-ordered copies to fans' homes but 'The Royal Mail' said Edinburgh which is the home of the author JK Rowling was Scotland's Harry Potter hotspot.

One fan that did not have to wait for her pre-ordered book was Kathryn Longwill from Lochgilpead. The twenty two year old was among the lucky Internet winners who were allowed into the Natural History Museum in London to get a copy signed by the author.

Miss Longwill said meeting the writer was "a dream come true" but added Mrs. Rowling “did not have much time to chat as she had 2,000 books to sign”. She did however warn them not to peek at the ending.

Kathryn added, "She told us not to read the last page. She said we have got to read the whole book".