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Digital divide grows with web use


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The term "digital divide" was coined in the 1990s to describe the perceived growing gap between those who have access to and the skills to use ICT and those who for socio-economic and/or geographical reasons have limited or no access.

A new study by The Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) found that even with two thirds of Britons already online that the poor, the elderly and the less educated are still losing out.

The study also says that the way young people use the internet is changing rapidly with mobile access and social networking both growing in popularity. They noted however that few people create their own content or use the net for social activism.

The survey is one of the most complete studies of internet usage ever made in the U.K. and tracked statistics from 2003 until the present.

A Look At The Findings

Researchers interviewed 2,305 people aged 14 years and older in 175 districts in England, Wales and Scotland. Previous surveys which asked similar questions were carried out in 2003 and 2005.