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Set up and register a limited company in U.K. Part One.



Before your business can start operating as a limited company it has to be registered with the Registrar of Companies - Companies House. The incorporation itself is the process by which a new or already existing business is converted into a corporate body.

This article will explain the requirements that different types of limited companies must meet and will help you better understand the registration process. It will focus mainly on private companies limited by shares but will also highlight some of the special requirements for public limited companies and private companies limited by guarantee.

You can fairly easily handle the registration process yourself but it might be a good idea to seek professional advice before you do so to ensure that the incorporation is right for you. A company formation agent, a solicitor, an accountant or a chartered secretary can carry out the process for you for a fee and will also offer advice.

The Companies Act 2006, which will come into force in stages during 2007 and 2008 introduces a number of changes that will affect both the directors and the shareholders of limited companies.

The Documents

To set up as a limited company in the UK, either you or the agent that is acting for you will need to complete and send several documents and forms to Companies House, or, in Northern Ireland to the Companies Registry for Northern Ireland.

The following are required

The company's officers

How many officers does a company need to have?

Can just one person form a company?

Private Limited Companies and PLCs (Public Limited Companies)

Can a private company be changed into a PLC?

Limited by shares or by a guarantee? The differences.

Naming your company

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